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Company Profile

Founded and established in the year 1969, Urmi Chemicals was the brain child of Mr. Vinod. P. Shah, a man with a broad vision and an undying spirit to cater to the needs of the society. Manufacturing specialty esters, Urmi Chemicals caters to the needs of Pharmaceutical, Fragrance and Agrochemical End Use Industry.

Urmi, through its zeal to provide the best to the industry, has carved a niche for itself that puts it in a league that makes it a sought after brand today by most organizations in end use sectors. Creating new opportunities and bettering their existing products has always been of top priority at Urmi and by ensuring and sustaining a symbiotic relationship with clients, Urmi has invariably always prolonged mutual advantages. Urmi prides itself in having grown entirely through in-house skills which range from Process development to commercialization.


The year 1969 saw Urmi Chemicals starting off with a small establihment on the outskirts of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. What started off as a small scale business, soon paved way for a bigger production unit in Chiplun, Maharashtra, at approx. 225 km from Mumbai city due to mounting demands leading to increase in volume and a widened product range.

Ever since, Urmi Chemicals has been an embodiment of commitment towards quality and endless pursuit towards excellence and has not only upheld its name by providing only the best of services in terms of quality, efficiency, productivity and timely delivery but also appeased their customers by sharing healthy interpersonal relations with them, thus putting them at ease.


    At Urmi, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. To ensure that our clients are given nothing but the best, by producing intermediary products for pharmaceuticals, perfumery and agro based industry that are of the finest quality and at par with global standards.

    Our experts are constantly developing further means to enhance our own goods and improve the quality of processes and products with cost efficiency.

    Every employee at Urmi is constantly aiming at nothing but achieving excellence by good leadership, involvement and better working conditions.

    We constantly work towards the betterment of the society by influencing minimum disadvantages of our activities on environment.


    To be the best performing producer of high quality chemicals

    Be a world class company and meet our client’s expectations by means of our excellent management, engineering, quality and cost efficiency

    Have complemented motivated employees that work in team to create an added value for the company

    Give attention to people, environment and society

Our Values







The Company’s facilities include manufacturing of Specialty Esters, located at approx. 225 km from Mumbai city at Lote Parshuram M.I.D.C zone, Chiplun, Maharashtra. The unit is well connected by road &rail and the location of the facility offers several advantages that facilitate our production and supply.

Urmi Chemicals treats nature and environment high on its priority list and hence is a member of C.E.T.P run by M.I.D.C and Hazardous waste management system, Taloja.

The total installed capacity currently stands at 8520 tpa, suitable for production of a range of esters which can be customized as per requirements. Our manufacturing facility is supported by utility equipments, effluent disposal system and analytical facility.


    Reliable supplies of intermediates

    High level service for customer needs

    Competitive and ready for ever changing market

    Capacity utilisation and meeting growing demand

    Flexible contractual relations

    The company pledges to safeguard intellectual property and maintain strict confidential when it undertakes contract manufacturing of specialized chemicals on one to one basis


    Expansion into new markets

    Continuous quality improvement

    Focus on key strategic partnerships

    Competitive raw material sourcing

Future Goals

    Urmi Chemicals is in process for ISO 9001:2015

    Upgrading existing skills for new operations